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Trees are a wonderful addition to any yard, but as all living things, they need a bit of love and care. Whether it’s time for your trees to be groomed or removed, be sure to reach out to Del Cid Tree Service! Our professional tree service covers a variety of tasks that can keep your trees looking their best. We’re available throughout Rancho Cordova, CA so don’t hesitate to call or keep exploring our website for more information!

Services We Excel At

Tree Services

Tree Services
Our specialty is taking care of and removing different types of trees. Regardless of its size, type, or species, we will do our best to provide the appropriate service to match your tree's requirements. Expect prompt, efficient, and well-planned solutions every time. 

Tree Trimming

Tree Trimming
Having all the trees on your property trimmed is important for many reasons. It's a way to get rid of brittle or diseased branches, improve sunlight penetration, and guide the growth of the crown. Our cost-effective tree trimming services will help you achieve great results safely!

Tree Removal

Tree Removal
Is a tree in your yard looming over nearby structures, becoming brittle, dry, or otherwise hazardous? Then, it might be time to get it safely removed by professionals. We cut and take down different trees in manageable segments and work with trees of different types and sizes.

Tree Grooming

Tree Grooming
There are several grooming methods to implement that would be beneficial for different species of trees. From timely trimming and pruning to careful transplanting, and more, a tree requires a bit of care to stay at its best. Call us for excellent tree grooming solutions! 

Making Sure Your Trees are Thriving

No doubt having beautiful trees in your yard can provide valuable shade, filter the air, dampen some of the noise from the surrounding streets, and add to the appeal of your garden. However, taking care of trees is a lot of work and experts like us can help you get the optimal results in a completely hassle-free manner. Using our professional tree removal service is always a better alternative to attempting to do the work on your own. It helps you avoid the risk of injury or property damage and removes the tree in question without complications. Here at Del Cid Tree Service, we always follow time-tested techniques and industry regulations to make sure that we’re doing our best for each client.

What to Expect 

When you decide to use our effective and affordable tree service, contact us, and we’ll help you book an appointment. Expect us to arrive punctually and bring with us the required safety gear and cutting-edge tools for the job. We are trained to approach every task safely and conduct the work in an organized manner. Whether you have one or several trees in need of our attention, we will complete the project in a timely fashion. Customer satisfaction is always our priority!

More Areas We Serve

Why should we ignore some areas and deal with others? Doesn’t everyone deserve the perfect trees for their yards? And doesn’t everyone deserve to have our skills available to them? We felt like we could stand by and let people in other areas be left without our experience and knowledge so we expanded our services to reach more counties!

  • La Riviera, CA
  • Cameron Park, CA
  • Rio Linda, CA
  • Auburn, CA
  • University Of California-Davis, CA

To make great use of our excellent tree removal service and other offers, set up an appointment with Del Cid Tree Service at your convenience. We are happy to do timely and efficient work for our valued clients in Rancho Cordova, CA. Contact us today!

Client’s Testimonial

by Walt McKinnon on Del Cid Tree Service
Great service removing a tree

In the recent storms, a large tree in our front yard started leaning towards our neighbor's house. I wanted to get it taken care before it did real damage,

I hired Del Cid for the job and am more than happy with both them personally and the job they did. I would highly recommend them.

I called Del Cid on a Sunday and they came out and gave me a reasonable estimate. They then came out the next next day and removed the tree. They did a very good, professional and careful job. They did the removal by climbing and lower branches with ropes to avoid the house. After the removal, they cleanup things up even better than it was before they started. They even went on the roof and cleaned off debris that had accumulate there that was completely unrelated to their work.

Our neighbors wanted to keep some of the wood and they cut it the way he wanted and placed on the edge of the yard for him.

Pedro and all the people on his crew were very nice and easy to deal with.

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